Ein Bandcamp-Interview mit Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire) einem Experten in Nature Recordings

Auf die Natur hören. Und auch in der Natur zuhören. Merken wir uns lieber mal, für die nächsten 30 Jahre. Mindestens. Das Interview mit Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire) auf Bandcamp ist äußerst lebenswert.

For the last 30 years, Chris Watson — of Sheffield industrial funksters Cabaret Voltaire — has been one of the world’s leading nature sound recordists. Whether he’s capturing the sound of birdsong on the Mara River in Kenya or the otherworldly atmosphere of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, Watson brings the same inventiveness to field recordings as he did to his electronic experimentation in the ‘70s.The impulse to record the natural world is nothing new. In the late 19th-century, Ludwig Koch used his father’s wax cylinder recorder to capture the sound of a bird called the Common Sharma before creating the first library of natural history sound for the BBC. But as David Toop explains in his 2001 book Ocean of Sound (Aether Talk, Ambient Sound and Imaginary Worlds), the relationship between the natural world and music dates much further back than even that.

🎧: Chris Watson of Cabaret Voltaire Found a Second Career in Nature Recordings

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