The Commute: Mit dem Paddelboot zur Arbeit in nur 4 Tagen

Nachdem Beau Miles bereits 90km zur Arbeit gelaufen ist, ist das folgende Video nur die logische Konsequenz seines Handelns. Für sein Format The Commute paddelt Miles in 4 Tagen zur Arbeit. Eigentlich dauert der Arbeitsweg 75 Minuten mit dem Auto. Beau Miles bevorzugt die naturbelassenere Route über zwei Flüsse, einen Kanal, ein Teilstück im Meer und einen kleinen Bach. Und wie kommt ihr heut so zur Arbeit?

After a stripped back walk to work (The Commute: walking 90km to work), I decided to continue experimenting between the lands and seas of home and work. This time by paddling. At least, that was the plan; following two rivers, a canal, the sea, and a creek- all the way to my desk. What usually takes 75 minutes by car took four full days of mostly dragging, burning over 18,000 calories. Sleeping by the river, under a train line and next to a boat ramp, the final drag through the suburbs was a full watershed transect, which is an intimate view into all the goods and bads of humanity- including myself. What was another commuting stunt turned out to be the hardest, most insightful four days of travel I’ve ever done.

The Commute: A four day paddle to work @progolog