Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2 (Piano Day 2021)

Am gestrigen Piano Day ist das digitale Release sowie komplette Video zur Performance von Hania Rani im Studio S2, einem der Tonstudios eines polnischen Radiosenders in Warschau, erschienen. Die Aufzeichnung stammt vom Vorabend des Piano Day (29. März) und ist ebenso intim und fragil, wie es die Liveshows von Hania Rani ebenfalls sind.

“I decided to rearrange some of my favourite songs, which I have been performing live for years. Recorded live and captured in the iconic Studio S2, one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin for example. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.” — @Hania Rani

Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2

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