From The Basement: The White Stripes

The White Stripes haben Ende letzten Jahres ein Best Of-Album veröffentlicht. Diese Session aus 2005 im Studio von From The Basement rundet diesen Rückblick auf insgesamt sechs Studioalben des Duos noch einmal sauber ab.

The White Stripes are an iconic rock duo originally formed in Detriot, Michigan. The band has released six studio albums and has won a multitude of awards and accolades. Enjoy their full set!


00:30​ - Blue Orchid
03:06​ - Party of Special Things To Do
05:27​ - Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)
09:22​ - As Ugly As I Seem
14:11​ - Little Ghost
16:31​ - Red Rain

The White Stripes Full Set | From The Basement @progolog