Xmas Mix 2020: Nils Frahm - Schwerkraft & Leichtsinn

Die Xmas Mixe von Nils Frahm kommen Jahr für Jahr pünktlich zur ruhigen Zeit frei Haus über die Musikwolke zu uns. So auch in 2020. Es ist also Zeit für etwas Schwerkraft & Leichtsinn. Eine schöne Tradition. Hört selbst!


again and again and again. if you might have thought that we are running out of cheesy, crackly, and lovely down tempo tunes from the past, you have been worrying for no reason!
throughout the entire year i was collecting, hunting and mining these tunes and even when i had to crawl into the dustiest corner of the record shop for them, i will never stop chasing beacuse our new age xmas tradition can never stop. esecially not in 2020.

look at that number, so cool looking…2020!

…and wasn´t 2020 rather special? anyhow, despite all the fun fun fun we had, lets now get a drink or something stronger which helps us looking forward to whatever happens next. yikes!

a wet kiss and forbidden hug,

torsten & nils

Schwerkraft & Leichtsinn – Wer kriecht kann nicht stolpern

music selected by nils frahm
cover art by torsten posselt

(via Ronny)

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