Musikvideo: Julia Stone - Dance

Julia Stone kündigt mit dem Video "Dance" die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Studioalbums "Sixty Summers" für den 19. Februar 2021 an. In ihrem Musikvideo zur Single tanzen sich Susan Sarandon und Danny Glover durch nächtliche Straßen. Gut gemacht!

„‘Dance’ was written as I thought about those very rare and often very special times when strong messages are sent and received silently between people. I was thinking about the moments we can share, when words are ineffective to communicate to those you love or are just unnecessary in a moment of deep connection…. When there’s nothing else to say or do, ‘Why don’t we dance’… It occurs with love and happiness but also pain and empathy. Heart, in all its appearances.”

Julia Stone - Dance

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