Musikvideo: Ezra Collective - Dark Side Riddim

Das Ezra Collective veröffentlicht zum heutigen Record Store Day eine limitierte 12" Vinyl. Der wunderbare Track "Dark Side Riddim" ist Teil der LP.

"Ezra Collective are proud to present the Samuel L.Riddim on a vinyl pressing for the first time [you'll have heard it under another name digitally before...] It's partnered with a brand new funk groove, "Dark Side Riddim""- a conclusion to the battle between good and evil? You'll have to listen to find out....This limited edition Record Store Day package will take you on as many twists and turns as the music itself - expect the unexpected.Expect something super special, expect vinyl colours colliding, expect sleeve notes to end all sleeve notes - expect nothing you've seen or heard before."

Ezra Collective - Dark Side Riddim

Das Ezra Collective sind:

  • Femi Koleoso - drums
  • TJ Koleoso - bass Joe
  • Armon-Jones - keys
  • James Mollison - tenor saxophone
  • Ife Ogunjobi - trumpet @progolog