Mixtape: Oonops Drops - Black Gold Of The Sun

Das Wochenende ist da. Grund genug die freien Tage mit einem guten Mix einzuläuten. Black Gold Of The Sun ist der aktuellste Mix der Brooklyn Radio Mixe von Oonops Drops. Diesmal war er nicht selbst an den Turntables, sondern hat DJ Nick Bike aus Kanada für einen Gastmix eingeladen. Ganz wundervoll ist schon die japanische Cover-Version von Tom's Diner zu Beginn des Mixes. Außerdem gibt es Bad Bad Not Good, IAM, DJ Cam Quartet, Slipmat Brothers und einiges im Mix.

This episode brings you a musical cross section from many decades and styles where everything's working well in perfect soulful harmony. Oonops opens up the show with some jazzy sounds from Japan's outstanding band Nautilus followed by new output from Bad Bad Not Good and DJ Cam's Quartet before turning into a more soulful mood combined with Hip Hop, Beats and the eponymous title track in a Nuyorican Soul version. Next Oonops welcomes producer and DJ Nick Bike from Canada in an exclusive guest mix. He reveals his turntablism skills and is rocking the 45s on his 1210s hard with a freestyle mix before the black gold of the sun sets down for sleep. Singer and artist Bajka is responsible for the cover artwork 'sunset'. Keep vinyl alive and say hello to your host Oonops here and http://www.facebook.com/djoonops, and check out DJ Nick Bike here: http://www.djnickbike.com/.

Oonops Drops - Black Gold Of The Sun

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